Comparism: Toyota Venza Vs Lexus RX 350


Toyota and Lexus are top growing cars in Nigeria when you talk of how it is classic, exotic and affordable unlike the Mercedes Benz and the Rolls Royce. In this article we are going to compare the Toyota Venza and the Lexus RX 350.

Toyota Venza Specs.

Production Year : 2008 to 2015.

Used Price : N5m

Engine type : 2.7 l V4 and 3. 5 l V6 .

Engine fuel : petrol.

Drive type : All wheel drive.

Transmission: 6 speed automatic transmission.

Weight : 1835kg.

Horsepower : 182hp and 268hp.

Maximum speed : 120mph.

Seats : 5.

Lexus RX 350 Specs.

Production Year : 2010 to 2015

Used Price: N3m

Engine type : 3.5 l V6 engine

Engine fuel : Petrol

Drive type : front wheel drive and all wheel drive

Transmission : 6 speed shiftable automatic transmission

Weight : 1971 kg.

Horsepower : 270 hp.

Maximum speed : 112mph.

Seats : 5

Toyota venza interior

Lexus RX 350 interior

Toyota Venza exterior

Lexus RX 350 exterior.

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