Gov't to reward prosecutors of Takoradi girl' Kidnappers- Attorney General reveals

The newly appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame has disclosed that, government is planning to reward the prosecutors of the criminals behind the Kidnapping and murder of the Takoradi girls.

Their death is a huge blot on the conscience of Ghana. The circumstances surrounding their death raises many questions about the capacity, reputation and competence of the Ghana Police Service. You would recall that in the heat of search for the girls, one of the culprits behind the Kidnapping was assisted by a Police officer to escape from a Police custody. Luckily, the criminal was rearrested.

We had some of the Kidnappers of the girls in Police custody while the girls were alive, but the Ghana Police couldn't extract the right information from the Kidnappers to rescue the girls.

Today, the girls are dead. They died painfully. The nation's entire security architecture failed.

Meanwhile, Attorney General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, speaking on Citi FM on Monday 29th March, 2021 revealed that this government is planning to reward some police officers who've prosecuted the Kidnappers.

Were we not told at some point by the same police that the girls are safe? What message is government sending to the family of the murdered Takoradi girls?