The performance of Upper West senior high schools at the NSMQ

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St. Xavier senior high school and Nandom SHS are the top two performing schools in the upper west region when it comes NSMQ. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER and NANDOM SHS ever made it to the finals at the national level. Some schools also did well and made it to the national level to contest the preliminary stages of the completion.

Some years back they used to select only high performing schools in the region but as at 2015, they also started with the regional competition first before the national level.

Schools that qualified in 2015 include:

Jirapa senior high

Queen of peace senior high

Kaleo senior high

Kanton senior high

And St. Francis Xavier was an outstanding school because of the previous performance, so did not contest the preliminary stage of the competition.

It was shocking as Nandom senior high school didn't qualify at the regional level after they were beaten by Queen of peace senior high

The above schools competed at preliminary stage but none of them were able to Excel and hence they all lost at the preliminary stage.

Among all the upper west schools, only St. Francis Xavier was able to make to the final though they didn't win.

So I don't know whether they are not always given the necessary documents to learn ahead of the NSMQ?.

Kaleo senior high school also appeared there first time in history in 2015. Apart from that, they have not qualified from the region again

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