This is Why BBI Passed in Kalenjin Counties- Sotik MP, Dominic Koskei


Sotik member of parliament Dominic Koskei has revealed why the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) recieved warm reception in Kalenjin dominated counties. 

Through his official Facebook page Koskei said this is because the deputy president William Ruto concentrated on his impeachment.

"I also think that the main reason behind warm reception of BBI in Kalenjin counties is because William Ruto concentrated so much on his impeachment. Ruto asked his troop not to attack BBI but rather concentrate on how they can block this imminent impeachment. That's a clear indication that Ruto is pushing selfish interest more than public interest," said the sotik member of parliament.

"I now have zero doubt, BBI is unstoppable. I want to honestly thank Bomet County MCAs for their full support. I thank Hon Nick Salat and Hon Weldon C. Kirui(Kipsonoi Ward MCA) for their steadfastness in pushing this bill. I am very hopeful that my good friends from tangatanga wing have learnt a lesson or two, that the President and Rt. Hon Raila Odinga mean well for this country,"he added. 

Koskei was elected on a Jubilee party ticket and he is serving his first term as the area MP. 

His post recieved mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Cheryit Yegon says "You min you knew it now tht bomet passes the nonsense BBI!? Indeed akili yako imeenda offside, tulimaliza izo bt it's your tym now to celebrate ,"

Solomon Shepe says "Wow this are great minds we want a fearless leader, he don't have to bootlick the demagogue Ruto he says the truth,"

Robert Langat says "ukiimba BBI nani alikutanganya utarudia hii kiti tena,"

Korir Paul says "Can I tell you something. Start parking your stuffs, 2022 loading. You will be a villager,"

Olesoroi wrote "I hope general ELECTION would be held tomorrow morning,"