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The police arrested a man, he was arrested in the rape case of an older woman. The reports of the police says that a man broke into the a house of an 82 year old woman, he overpowered her and Raped the woman. the police reports that the woman then reported the case to the police, the police open the case and went after the suspect,he fled and a week later he was arrested. The man was arrested and put in custody, the court day came and he was judged 25 years in prison by colesburg regional Court

The Provincial Head for Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses Unit, B.g Nicky Mills applauded the Detective Warrant Officer Edwin Mokgalagadi of De Aar FCS Unit, the of the investigation that ensure criminals get the charge in the crimes they committed.

The police were satisfied with the judge handed to the man. The man was 22 years old and the woman was 82 years old.

Sources: https://www.saps.gov.za/newsroom/msspeechdetail.php?nid=36505

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