Adeola Developed Mental illness The Day Her Husband Brought Home a New Wife- Bimbo Narrates


Adeola Developed Mental illness The Day Her Husband Brought Home a New Wife- Bimbo Narrates 

While it may be that some of us are more vulnerable than others, everyone faces challenges in life that can impact their mental health. After all, just a few months ago, none of us had any idea that all our worlds would be upended by the coronavirus, and that worry, isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety would become collective experiences shared by literally everyone. By virtue of our birthright, as human beings none of us are immune. 

A lady in Nigeria recently described Bimbo as supporting a woman, Adeola Jimoh, who grew and became viral, for her husband (Adeola), who brought a new wife home. Sharing the importance of mental health and love in the world today

The narrative of a lady who is mentally ill, after getting so much needed assistance, regained mental health, Bimbo, a care co-ordinator/manager for a leading Nigerian HMO and Project Co-ordinator at an NGO

Adeola Jimoh just had a baby is said to be by Bimbo. One day she was home when the new woman, another woman, came home from husband.

After the production, Adeola threw her clothing and ran away from the home. Bimbo discloses that the family of Adeola was after Adeola, but when they were not able to get her back home she was left on the street. From Lusada to Oshodi, Lagos she moved in the state of Ogun.

Bimbo also says that Adeola was discovered in the rain with poor oranges and she became viral. The money people gave her, Adeola threw away. As Bimbo says.

Bimbo claims, however, that Adeola's husband and family left the state of Adeola as they tried to help Adeola.

Bimbo said she moved Adeola to a neuropsychiatric hospital for medical attention. She spoke about the problems.

She narrated the challenges experienced during Adeola’s medical treatment at the medical facility.

Bimbo said at Adeola's end, "One day she was supposed to replace her drugs and I visited them, she rushed to me and knuckled in front of me, I split. She thanked me and told me how much I spent."

"The NEH did an excellent job," Bimbo added. "This has a great job.

Bimbo posted a video about her family reuniting Adeola.

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