"Imeniumiza Vile Mulamwa Amehandle All This" BClassic Offers To Take Care Of Sonnie And the Baby

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Yesterday carol sonnie wrote a very long paragraph explaining that she and mulamwa are not together anymore. This comes two months after the two welcomed their first daughter. Romours of their break up came out after mulamwa's interview with mungai eve.

A few hours after, mulamwa introduced his new girlfriend and the two got very cosy on camera. Secretly, most Netizens think that the two are clout chasing but no one has substantial evidence about it.

B classic has come out and offered to take of Sonnie and love and her baby as if she were his own. He talked of how disappointed he was with how Mulamwa handled the situation.

He is willing to take them in and take care of them for the days to come.

Netizens were so proud of him for making such a bold decision. Most believe that he is a good man for even offering to take care of another man's child.

@Baby_ras," not many men are ever willing to accept ladies with kids. I don't know why but this is cute 😍"

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