Good News You Need To Know About The New Voters ID Card

The new voters Identification card which was made to be registered in 2020 has moved on to a new plan as its about to hit trade .

Many are reacting to it's ineffectiveness in the country as it can not be used for any economic or commercial activity in the country .These reactions has moved the registration authority to make the I'd valid It has been noted ; as many are yet to be known to that, this our new ID card which couldn't be used for any registration, is now available to be Gvived that means it's yet earlier for it to be allowed for all our registrationsIn the above picture shows a picture of our new voters Identification card which has been Gvived .

As most people may be new to the word 'Gvived' ,Gviving is the act of getting details from an ID card using a source of codes or a website.Gvive is a website designed specifically to meet regulatory compliance obligations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer(KYC). GVIVE supports a diverse range of international identity verification requirements.

This platform has been known to checking the validity of an ID card and since our new ID can be seen there proves it will be shortly allowed for transactions and registration.

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