"Wake-up from slumber Mr President: Things are getting out of hand" - Kofi Adoma tells Nana Addo.


Anopa Bofo show on Angel TV is still trending in Ghana and bloggers cannot stops watching Anopa Bofo show in other to obtain their daily news. Anopa Bofo show is one of the morning shows in Ghana. It always live on Angel TV as well as via Facebook.

Kofi Adoma Wanwani has taken over the seat from Captain Start after he joins Onua TV. The culture of silence cannot not cripple Kofi Adoma Wanwani just like Captain Smart.

At the early hours of today, Kofi Adoma Wanwani gathered enough information from Ejura following the death of social media activist by Name Kaaka. It was indeed a sad encounter in Ejura as soldiers fires direct into unarmed residents in Ejura protesting for their own betterment and that of the nation.

As a result of this, Kofi Adoma Wanwani with more Vhim and enthusiasm sends words to Mr President to wake-up from his slumber and put in action for things are getting out of hand in Ejura.

According to Kofi Adoma Wanwani speaking live on Angel TV, the terrible incidents happening in Ejura requires immediate action and not silence. But it look as if the culture of silence has grip the good mouth of Mr President and he needs to wake-up as soon as possible if he is in the State of slumber.

Kofi Adoma Wanwani further lament woefully over the death of Macho Kaaka as he blast the troop of soldiers shooting directly into the protesters without mercy and sympathy.

"Wake-up from slumber Mr President. Things are getting out of hand. Bodies are lying motionless in Ejura like fowls and yet our president is still quite over the whole issue. Mr President please show forth and say something to calm the situation in Ejura in other to save life's. We heard Ejura is now calm but another heavy troop of soldiers has been deployed to Ejura Again. Nana don't be silence over the whole matter urgent steps needs to be taken as soon as possible. If all is well in Ejura troops of soldiers won't to sent there again" - Kofi Adoma lament bitterly on Angel TV.

Photos of Macho Kaaka

On the other hand, the youth, old men and women in Ejura as crying and weeping for justice to prevail so far as the death of Macho Kaaka and others is a great concern to them.

It is very bad and very risky for a trained soldier to shot at protesters who are harmless and they are not destroying anything that belongs to the nation.

This is mother Ghana let make it proud by putting appropriate measures for the good of the people.

Use the link below to hear more words from Kofi Adoma Wanwani to Mr President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo.


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