With The Few Rogue Officers, There Are Still Many Good Ones Out There


I do not know why some fellows are very bitter with the our Police officers. Some people will always refer to police officers in very negative terms because of the work they are doing.

Every organization has rotten apples. In my life, I have met some of the kindest people in Police Uniform. Some of the most compassionate people are Police officers.

Yes, a few rogue Officers often get media spotlight, but I'm 100%sure that if a survey is done, the Police will score highly in terms of being kind considerate and loving. Many Police women are humble and obedient wives and their husbands are very happy.

There is a notion that Police Officers are D material. That is wrong. In the past 20 years, the Force has been taking some of the brightest fellows. I know several top brains working in the Forces and they are doing perfectly well.

Some of the Police Officers you see walking with G3s have First Class Degrees. So, just don't generalize attacks against the Force.

In any big organization, you cannot miss wrong number fellows. But that should not make you hate the entire Force.

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