Lady arrested while trying to bury her aborted baby, Quack chemist involved arrested too.


A 24 year old lady identified as Chidera Nwaoga and her accomplice Odimegwu Ikunne were arrested by a joint force of Nigerian Police officers and the Nsugbe Vigilante group following reliable information about the duo.

The arrest which took place in Anambra was made while Chidera who was heavily pregnant before was caught with the corpse of a premature female child hidden in a bucket container.

The suspect was making her way to the nearest Bush to bury the aborted child while the was accosted by men of the security agencies.

It was discovered during investigation revealed that Chidera who was pregnant at the time sought the services of Odimegwu, an untrained Chemist in abortion her unborn child. The deed was done after Odimegwu injected Chidera with some substances.

The baby's decomposing corpse was buried following expert advice.

A search into the premises of Odimegwu's place of operation led to the discovery of expired medical substances and expired drugs. Chidera has who was left weak by the experience ha now fully recovered from the experience and she is being detained by Officers of the Nigerian Police force in Anambra State.

Below are pictures of the suspects as released by the police.