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A single woman is neither the competition nor the rival of those who have a partner. This is a call for single women. To enjoy your current situation, build the woman you want to be and be better valued in your social circles. I do not want to see more groups of women who with their appearance scream that they are looking for a man. 

I don't want women to focus the best of their energies on their love situation. I want single women to enjoy their singleness to the best extent. Today, I am going to summarize in 10 commandments a guide to be a single woman with the best attitude.

1. I will not define my life based on my love situation


You are more than a woman without a partner and your life cannot be a triumph or a misfortune depending on your sentimental situation. Therefore, not everything in your life is about finding a partner or not , your life is about feeling stable to build the life you want for yourself.

Before thinking about the fortune or misfortune of your love situation, you should think about what woman you want to be and how to achieve it. Remember that the best love you can feel for someone is when you feel happy with yourself, with the woman you are and with the goals that you set for yourself in your life.

2. I will not speak negatively of men

Don't blame men for your condition. You may have had bad experiences and men may have disappointed you, but that is not why you are single. Before blaming men, understand where you went wrong and take responsibility. Only by doing so will you not make the same mistakes again.

It is not positive that women get together to talk about the bad experiences they had with men and how bad it was with their ex-partners. It is easy to support each other to blame the male gender for all our ills but doing so is not very enriching for you and that will not change your situation or that of any of your friends.

3. I will not criticize women who do have a partner


Nobody knows about anybody. It is very easy to criticize someone who is in a contrary situation, but we must stop doing it. Let's not pretend to understand or agree with the dynamics that couples have, each one is a mystery in which only those involved know the whole truth. You cannot blame your friend for being in a relationship that is negative for you, she will know what she is doing and your only duty as a friend is to be by her side through thick and thin. Without criticizing. 

You don't understand why women are with certain types of men? Nor is it your duty to understand it, they will not understand how it is that you are not. Let the couples live as they please and take an observer position to learn . Any opinion you have about it is better to keep it to yourself. You should not forget that it will always be important to keep your friends even though you are the single of the group. If you want to know how to do it read here.

4. I will not tangle with committed men

If the world granted me a wish, it would make infidelity cease to exist. So today I cry out and I remind all women that all, absolutely all, are on the same side when we dream of love. You know very well how much those women who start flirting with your partner annoy you, so why would you become those women when you are the one who is single?

You can do whatever you want with your need, ego, pleasure, etc. But you should never get involved with a man who has a partner. Remember that tomorrow you will not want that for yourself.

5. I will not close my heart to love


You're just single. You haven't turn to stone or something like that. The fact that at this moment you do not have a partner does not mean that you are not capable of loving or being loved. Being single is partly a decision, so when you decide, you must open your heart. You will be more emotionally intelligent and you will know more clearly what you want and what you do not want, but you cannot close yourself to love.

You should stop putting buts on the people around you and see intelligently all the positives that they also include. Let yourself be surprised, it is possible that the person who comes into your life is not as you imagined, maybe it is much better.

6. I will not brag about my temporary conquests

We all know you are single, we have seen it and you have told us. But we don't need to know every detail of your love affairs. If you enjoy your life, sex, yourself, etc., everything is fine. But I don't want to hear over and over the success of your sex life without compromise. We can be your closest friends and still we may not understand your actions.

You do not know what the rest of the people around you may be feeling and you must ensure that your friendships last over time, which does not happen with your temporary conquests.

7. I will not only associate with groups of single women


Being among single women can be a lot of fun because they share topics of conversation and activities. However, their friendship may be conditioned to the love situation in which they find themselves and it can become a social funnel that distances them from other equally interesting social circles.

The success of life is maintaining a balance, you need friends who are in the same situation as you and you also need to see, know and learn about other lifestyles to discover more about yourself and what you want as a woman. Do not close, keep and take care of your friends . The more social you are, the more you will know about what you want to be.

8. I will take care of my physical appearance

Being healthy and looking good should be everyone's concern. The time and effort you put into this is your decision. However, you should not only relate staying attractive with having a partner. You don't take care of yourself just to conquer others but to feel good about yourself, to like yourself as a woman and to visualize the woman you want to be.

You will take care of your physical appearance to look healthy and attractive, NOT to look single. You don't want people to see your exaggerated availability, or to think of you as needy. You should see yourself as the great woman that you are and not divert all attention to how single you are.

9. I will care more about who I am than what I show


In this commandment, what you are physically is combined with what you are in personality, judgment and intelligence. Don't let your topics of conversation be limited to your love situation, your disappointments, disappointments, or successes in relationships. You have more than a great body and you are an attractive woman.

Regardless of your marital status, you will always have to live with you and with the woman you decided to be. So worry about your goals and dreams, grow constantly, prepare your body, mind and heart to be the woman you want to be.

10. I will intensely enjoy what I like to do


Take advantage and enjoy this moment. Do not spend so much time looking for a partner, spend time doing the things you like. The more activities you do, the more people you will meet, the more experiences you will have to share and the more you will know about yourself. Social circles work as cover letters and if you are a happy, intelligent and self-care woman, you will have no problem finding people who want to be with you.

It doesn't matter if you don't want a relationship, you can be single your whole life if that's how you prefer it, but you shouldn't be alone. May your heart always be open to the love of those around you and may you always be willing to do your best.


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