A Call For Invention And Innovation To All Youths To Grow Their Talents

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The invention is the mother of innovation. It goes without saying that as you live in this universe, you must be innovative to brighten your future.

Today, many people are depending on inventions from abroad. For instance, the new technology and the methodologies used to make it grow.

The human being is created uniquely. He can think and put into practice any idea. Africans are blessed with inventions as well as innovations.

Nevertheless, we do not embrace our efforts. Instead, other people steal the ideas, renovate them and implement their products. Finally, they sell the end products to us. Courtesy

We will look at some inventions that have taken place in Africa. Egypt, also known as the mother of industrialization, nails for the building were discovered. According to Monroe engineering, it's not well known when nails were invented but it is estimated to be 2500BC. This happened in ancient Egypt.

At present, our youths have the technology in search and research. Take what it requires for a business. For instance, registration and meeting all the obligations required. With advanced research, start your own company where such innovation can take you to places.

After registration, market your products throughout the world, and definitely, you land at good sales. By so doing, you will have helped many youths who don't have jobs, expand your income, and make life easier and enjoyable.

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