'Ubaralikiwe' Rev Natasha Trending For Doing This During COVID-19 Crisis


The Natasha hand of Compassion has finally hit a target of 2M families worldwide. This Noble project, social Outreach program was set to rescue millions of families affected by the dangerous economic aftermaths brought by COVID-19 pandemic. After many countries were locked down, , Business shut down and social interaction minimized, many families were unable to raise basic needs especially the low income earners who also rely on daily pays.

Kind-hearted Rev Lucy Natasha came through and because a source of hope the vulnerable, street families and other affected sectors. She visited various members of the clergy after their woes were submitted at her desk. In fact this was the time when many churches were fully shut down and so the preachers who particularly rely on congregants for church finances like paying of rent and sorting other bills became a challenge.

Ostensibly, the health workers also spent days and nights to ensure they offered emergency response towards victims of COVID-19. Rev Natasha visited them and donated foodstuffs, 3 month basic food plan and financial aid. This was just a token of appreciation for the good work during the pandemic.

However, Rev Natasha was the first African to offer urgent aid to victims of Beruit tragedy that left hundreds homeless and others suffering. Through the social Outreach program located in that country, they were able to offer quick approach by donating 4months basic food plan, secondary wants like bedsheets among other things.

Rev Lucy Natasha goes down to history as a strong kind woman who offered her wealth towards those affected during the crisis. She literally symbolizes the image of true church if Christ as documented in the holy bible. She has set the correct and actual pace in the society. Many young girls who would wish to prosper in life are looking forward for mentorship from her. Indeed she is an outdoor person who spends most times in interacting with the youths.

Such humbling, May God shower her with blessings and love.

BruceNewtonMungai kenya_public@operanewshub.com