Date Rush: Grandpa Finally Gets Date, Lifts Her Up Majestically

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This week's episode of date rush seemed to be filled with miracles. This is because gentlemen on the show who viewers never thought would land a date anytime soon were the very ones to get their dates easily.

First was Ali who was able to land a well-endowed lady named Shemima Hawa.

Now, Grandpa too has been able to land a very beautiful and elegant lady named Susan on the Date Rush show.

When Grandpa hopped onto the show this week, he looked different. Rather than wearing his trademark African print or Kaftan, he chose a casual look coupled with some dark shades to complement his outfit.

When Giovani (the host) asked him why the change, he explains that he is following the strategy of Philip who was able to land a date last week simply by looking casual.

And indeed, his fate on the show changed, when Susan walked onto the stage to search for love. Grandpa was able to stand out of the group of men on the stage, his answers to Susan's questions were reasonable and he was able to woo her slightly with his seductive words and mannerisms.

Eventually, Susan picked Grandpa as her date as she explains that Grandpa has focus and showed interest in her from the get-go.

It was an epic moment when Grandpa was captured lifting his date Majestically in his arms as he carried her away to begin their relationship.

When backstage, he was asked by Anita (the Co-host) what worked for him this time around as its a surprise he was able to get a date. He hilariously replies by stating that it was the Shades he put on that improved his appearance and attractiveness.

Ghanaians wish them the very best.

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