The Refeere Was Targeting Williams?

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Maguette has gone under investigation for a long time choices bringing about SAFA submitting an authority question to FIFA asserting that the match was controlled. 

"The official came to me in the passage before the match and said that he would book me for time-squandering," Williams said. 

"In this way, going into the game I knew in my sub-conscience that I'm an objective," Williams said. 

"All through the qualifiers, the ball young men didn't have the ball in their grasp. The balls were on cones yet in this particular game, the ball young men had the balls in their grasp which was inconceivable in these qualifiers. 

"At whatever point the ball would go out, they would toss it back rapidly however the second they [Ghana] scored the ball young men vanished as you can envision, and it took long for the balls to get back. 

Picture Cred By: KickOff.Com

"I needed to address the arbitrator and let him know that a portion of the balls were delicate, yet he would have rather not hear anything about it and said he will rather book me for time-squandering. 

"In this way, it was somewhat of a test. In the subsequent a large portion of, the ball young men for all intents and purposes evaporated and if you can watch the game again you will see me running searching for balls yet couldn't get the balls and that is the place where the arbitrator ought to have stepped his position. 

"Going to their goalkeeper, the second they scored not once did I see the arbitrator address him and I think he just got booked as of now. 

"From the time we yielded in the 32nd moment to the 90th moment there was an hour in the middle and he was fooling around all through however not once did he get reproved though I got denounced before the game and for 30 minutes before we surrendered, he was condemning me. 

"I didn't sit around idly on the grounds that the ball young men continued to toss the ball promptly, so I felt designated as of now. 

"At half-time, I went to him and asked what the issue was with our group since it seems like he is permitting the genuineness of Ghana and he just let me know that it is a physical game.

I said OK however the guidelines should go for the two groups and he let me know that I should move away on the grounds that he will book me," subtleties Williams.

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