Effects Of Salt On The Human Body And Life.


Over the years, salt has become one of the most important ingredients in our lives. It is being used in cooking to give food flavor, it is also used in the preservation of food. We all need salt to elevate the taste of food and also help maintain a healthy living. The elements contained in salt which are sodium and chlorine play a vital role in the coordination of the body.

Salt taken into the body in appropriate quantity can benefit the body in numerous ways. Salt in our diet helps to protect the thyroid glands from enlargement. Iodine found in salt enables the body to help I the production of thyroid hormones. Cystic Fibrosis is a state where people lose much salt when they sweat. Intake of salt can help improve such condition. Salt in the body helps keeps the body hydrated and also help prevent low blood pressure when taken responsibly.

However, inappropriate intake of salt can causes some damages to the body. Too much salt in the body contradicts the healthy living of the body. Excess salt in the blood will cause various Cardiovascular issues. This can lead to heart attacks, increase in blood pressure and even smoke. Excess salt can cause Osteoporosis. According a study published in 2014, it emphasis that excess salt can cause stomach cancer.

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