Dr. Mutua Say Firirinda Should Replace Jerusalema Challenge And Declares A 'Firirinda Weekend'


Dr. Mutua has came in the support for the singer of the Kikuyu 'Firirinda' song who has been ailing.

The popular Kikuyu hit was sung by Dick Njoroge alias Munyonyi in 1986. A few years after he released the single, the musician lost her voice and has been enduring a difficult life.

Dr. Mutua have declared this coming weekend (Friday to Sunday) a "Firirinda Weekend" in honour and support of the ailing author of the beautiful song Mzee Dickson Munyonyi.

He says, "DJs in all social events are hereby requested to play Firirinda and encourage revelers and fans to donate towards the medical bill of the veteran musician who, we are reliably informed, is undergoing medical treatment."

Dick Njoroge alias Munyonyi(Photo Credit-Samidoh FB page)

The KFCB CEO is looking for the contacts of the musician or his family members. Once he gets the contacts a paybill number in his name will be communicated. The CEO says he will start off the kitty with Ksh100,000.

He request all people to make this song trend, and eventually support the author as people go down the memory lane. He lauds the song for it promotes and celebrate our culture.

He says it is time the Firirinda song Challenge replace the Jerusalema challenge.

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