Universities With Magnificent Compounds in Kenya

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Most people like to be associated with places which are very clean and with stunning environment. In this article we are going to discuss about the Kenyan universities which has stunning compunds. Take your 2- 3 minutes go through the article and leave your comments in the comments section.

1. Moi University

This is a public university located in Eldoret. Its among the oldest universities to be established in the country. They have nice structures and stunning compound.

2. Egerton University

Egerton university is located in Njoro, Nakuru. The school was established many years ago as a Farm school. The place has good climate. The administration has ensured that the compound of the school is magnificent by making pavements, planting flowers, good grass trimming among other features.

3. United States International University of Africa

This is a top private university located in Nairobi. The university admits both local and international students. The school is privileged to have one of the best compunds.

4. Catholic University of Eastern Africa

This is a private university located in Nairobi. The university is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church. The university has a huge compound which is well maintained.

5. University of Nairobi

This is the oldest public university in Kenya. Its also the top university. The university covers large tract of land with magnificent structures and stunning compound.

Among the mentioned universities which one has the best compound? Drop your comments, like, share and follow to get more updates.

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