Check Out What A Man Did With A Pregnancy Test And A Bible After Sleeping With His Girlfriend

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Most men are scared of pregnancy but are not afraid to sleep with a woman. Counselors frequently advise young men to marry before sleeping with a woman. But it seems most young people ignore that advice.

Most people would agree with me that when a man is not married to a woman and he impregnates her, both lady and man become disturbed. But the truth is that a man becomes more worried because of the responsibilities ahead of him.

A video on social media shocked people after a young man was seen with a Bible and a pregnancy test praying. The man was praying to God not to let the pregnancy test be positive after he slept with his girlfriend. According to him, he cannot take care of the child in this hard economy when the result becomes positive.

This seems like a warning to the younger ones who are not married but engaging in such acts to be very careful. You could see how disturbed the gentleman was after thinking he had impregnated his girlfriend.

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