Meet The Man Behind The African Version Of Prosthetic Body Parts


We thought we'd share our knowledge of a super-talented Nigerian who is paving the way for prosthetics for darker/black skin tones. After his brother lost a portion of his hand in an accident, John Amanam became inspired to create amazing replicas of human body parts.

He was also pushed into these cutting-edge designs by the failure of an international prosthetics industry that caters exclusively to white customers, failing to provide black amputees with a color choice that matches their skin tone.

Amanam studied sculpting as an art student and has no formal training in prosthetics. Immortal Cosmetic Art, his business, is part of a burgeoning services industry that has helped Nigeria's economy become Africa's largest.

People with mismatched skin tones, according to Amanam, have a harder time feeling secure in their artificial limbs. The prosthetic has a hyper-realistic feel and, unusually, is dark in color, matching perfectly the tone of Sunday’s skin. Most fake body parts available in Nigeria and Africa as a whole until now have been white, or made from materials such as wood that also look unrealistic. And this is where he fills in May God bless his hustle.