Trendy Ways to Rock Men's Kampala T-shirts

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Also known as Adire, the Kampala style is one of the oldest African clothes. The Kampala shirt is an adaptation of the original fabric and has been trending for a while now due to its unique design. Unlike a typical Kampala fabric, Adire T-shirts are like regular T-shirts with an Adire pattern. Since the cloth is unisex, there is no reason why you shouldn't rock this amazing shirt.

Let us check out the different ways to rock Kampala T-shirts.

1. Adire T-shirts with jeans

This pairing looks the easiest for many people. It doesn't take much styling. All you need is just the shirt and your jeans trouser.

2. Adire T-shirt with shorts

Another way to wear your Adire T-shirt is to add cool trendy shorts that make you look younger and charming.

3. Adire T-shirt and blazers 

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If you don't want to appear fully casual, you can add some sauce by draping blazers over your Adire shirt. Try not to button up to direct attention to the shirt.

4. Match your sneakers to your Adire T-shirt

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One way to be in the spotlight is to match your sneakers or semi-casual sneakers to your Adire T-shirts. Since the fabric comes in multi-coloured, you can pick the dominant colour and get matching sneakers. For instance, if the dominant colour is green, you can get green footwear.

5. Couple's Adire T-shirt

If you wish, you can get a matching outfit with your partner as well. The fabric is unisex, and you will get some attention from people.

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