Man comes under fire after claiming to have bought all these goodies with just 2k in Nigeria


A nigerian twitter by username Baba Dudu has come under fire for claiming he bought a lot of expensive items for a surprising price of just Two thousand naira (#2000 ).

In a dwindling economy such as Nigeria, we all know it could be quite difficult for one to go to the market and buy this much with just 2k. More so, for the fact that corona virus even reared its ugly head in the country has even worsened things with the price of household goods and services skyrocketing.

But here we have someone claiming the contrary. As usual his social media friends who didn't believe him gave him a piece of their thought. While some jokingly said they could also purchase these items and more in their vicinity for the same price or less. Others requested to send him money so he could help them get same too. While some were very open in telling him he was a thief, asking him where he kept the weapons used in robbing those goods 😂.

The guy may just be right as no one knows his basis for such a claim.

It may be some palliative given to him and he used 2k to transport them, who knows? 🤷‍♂️

See pictures below

Or else how can one get all these items with just 2k if not free gifts.

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