4 Simple Ways To Identify Fake Shoes Before Buying Them

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Buying shoes can become an expensive venture, especially when trying to buy the one of high quality. There is a kind of satisfaction that comes with having a fresh pair of sneakers or quality threaded leather shoe, it can be very frustrating when you finally realise what you bought from the market wasn't an original product.

In this article we are going to be looking at several ways to spot a fake sneakers or shoe, so that you wouldn't make the mistake of purchasing them when you go shoe shopping.

1) Fake shoes are packaged differently

It doesn't take much for one to know a fake shoe if you are already familiar with the way real shoes are packaged.

Original shoes are well package almost to the point of perfection, big shoe brands always make sure their products are presented in a quality way. before buying shoes or sneakers, try to cultivate the habit of checking how well it is packaged.

2) Fake shoes have imperfect logo

Most brands produces their shoes and design them with a uniform brand logo for easy identification. When these logos are not well placed or are not uniform, then you should start suspecting the authenticity of that shoe.

3) Fake shoes do not contain Information about the company.

Fake shoes can be discovered when they do not contain vital information about the company that produces them. Information such as the place of Manufacture, Barcode, size and name of sneakers should be included

4) Fake Shoes are made with low quality materials

Most fake shoes can be easily identified by the type of low quality materials they are made from. Big brand shoes manufacturers make their shoes from high quality materials and that is one of the reasons their products are expensive to acquire.

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