Mathematics Teacher Caught Raping A Student In Staff Room

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Ghanaian mathematics teacher jailed 15 years for raping student

A Tamale High Court has sentenced a 34-year-old mathematics teacher at Sawla Senior High School in the Savannah Region to 15 years of imprisonment after finding him guilty of raping one of his students.

The teacher argued that he was not guilty of the crime, the 7-member jury, after reviewing parts of the evidence provided to the court, returned a unanimous verdict of guilt, and then sentenced him. CityNews reports that the Principal State Attorney has said that the convict admitted to the offense in his own written investigation caution statement, but changed it to not guilty during the trial process.

The complainant was in their dormitory when the suspect dispatched one of the female students to summon her to their staff common room, according to the police. The complainant complied, and when she arrived on the staff common roof, the suspect invited her to join him on a sofa for a chat. The suspect then offered her yogurt which she turned down. The suspect then began making sexual moves toward her, but she rejected. As she began to walk out, the suspect locked the door behind her, grabbed her, threw her to the ground, and forced sexual intercourse with her. The plaintiff began to experience gastrointestinal aches after the deed.

To pick up the student, the suspect called her mother. The complainant's mother and another witness proceeded to her dormitory to take her to the hospital, but she fell and was brought to Sawla polyclinic for treatment. She was eventually released. The culprit was detained when the complainant reported the incident to the police. Ocloo was later accused of rape and arraigned in Sawla district court. He was later found guilty and sentenced. Meanwhile, the Ghana Education Service delivered a letter terminating the teacher's appointment before the court could make a judgment. During his interrogation by the service, he allegedly accepted culpability.


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