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The Nigerian music industry is one of the greatest industry that comprises the Nigerian entertainment industry. Music is a craft that is doing great in human day-to-day lifestyle. A good number of Nigerian celebrity singers could strongly attribute their relevancy and greatness in the industry to their fan base impact towards their growth.

The Nigerian music industry has turn out to be growing strongly and the growth experienced by this industry is on a the spectrum. However, fan base has a role they play in the success of their favourite singer's music career especially in this social media and digital lifestyle of music.

However, to understand what makes a fan base very strong is something that could vividly be seen via their social media presence. Fan base of the music artists are known yo always treat their favourite celebrity singer with love and respect and even more like a god. It is normal to see the fan base plays the role of defenders and attacker whenever any social media user attack their fave.

This fans also play great roles in making their fave stay relevant and If this fan base cooperate their massively do music promotions for their fave organically. One of Nigerian music blog MP3bulletng did the ratings in this accordance.

Below are the top 5 most powerful fan base in the Nigerian music industry

Wizkid FC

Wizkid FC could be seen has the foruuner of the stan culture of music artist in Nigeria. The fan base spread and prompte music of wasrd winning singer Wizkid.


Laycons fan base are new to the music fan base stan as they are yet to reach a year. Icons have tirelessly trend and promote Laycon's music making him look more like that who has spend decades in the industry.


The 30BG fan base are doing massively well in making Davido's song stay relevant in the industry. The 30BG gang support Davido's music tremendously.


Outsiders are fans of international acclaimed and afrobeat poster boy Burna Boy, the name was named after his album ‘Outside’, they are diehard fans.

YBNL Mafia

YBNL Mafia are great in defending, promoting and supporting the music craft of Olamide.

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