Trending- Kumasi coffin makers cry out to Nana Addo as the death rate in the country decreases


The coffin makers in the country are crying out to the president of the country, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo as they demand help for low income. Many social media users have taken this to their pages and making mockery out of this plea. This is because it seems the coffin makers are demanding that there should be an increase in the number of deaths.

Indeed, everyone must make profit out of whatever business they are involved in. The reason why this has become an issue is because many Ghanaians feel its a bad omen to request for more work as a coffin maker and that’s because it will mean you want more people to lose their lives.

These men from Kumasi and into the coffin business have demanded that the government should support them in every way they can because work is not as it used to be. They claim they have low purchases and struggle to find buyers for their coffins to burry their loved ones.

Even though the government has not responded to these persons, social media has taken this very serious as they deem this demand by the coffin makers from the government is inhuman and unnatural. Must coffin makers demand for more lives to be lost? Or can they be supported in anyway to help them make a living? Comment below.