I Don’t Promote Scammers And Sakawa On My Channel- ZionFelix Clears After Media Criticisms


After the Kasoa Incident of the Teenagers who allegedly murdered a 10-year old boy for an alleged ritual. 

The boys after showing up in Ofankor Court for the first time after their arrested revealed that a suppose Mallam urged them to bring him a virgin and 5000 cedis for rituals which led them to commit such a crime.

Ghanaians over the breaking of this news aggressively blamed the media, some TV stations precisely for promoting scammers and fake ritualist on TV. 

According to the masses the pressure by these fake people are having a very negative and bad influence to find quick and unpleasant means of getting money. Netizens has stated a very serious campaign to stop such programs on TV as they are pleading with authorities for them to bring such programs down.

However, Popular Entertainment Blogger widely known as Zionfelix has reacted to the fact that the media space are the reason why money rituals is having influence a big influence on the young ones.

According to ZionFelix, he is a very decent and authentic blogger who does not pave way for such people to captivate on his platform to promote their delusional games. 

He stated; “I promote contents that will benefit my viewers but not what will have a negative impact on society but most at times the interviews I do can’t be embraced by everyone and Ghanaians are unpredictable the one you will think they will like will be the one they will ignore”

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