Beware of what you post online: Dubai police tracked Hushpuppy through his social media activities


Hushpuppy was arrested for alleged fraud on the 10th of July, 2020. Hushpuppy is not a singer, nor an actor, nor working for any known entity in the universe. But he lives a flamboyant lifestyle. Anyone that ask him his source of income, he will insult the person. 

The way he lavishes money attracted alot of people towards him. Many people became interested in him, including the Dubai police. You can't be spending money like Hushpuppy without a known source of income and people won't investigate. 

Why come online to showcase your flamboyant lifestyle when you know that your source of income is through scamming people. 

A team of highly trained Dubai police officers have been tracking Hushpuppy move and taking notes of all his social media activities. It was through his social media activities that he was discovered to be a fraudster. It lead to his arrest along with his other team members. The Dubai police discovered that Hushpuppy and his team have defrauded their victims of N1.6 billion Dirhams.

Whether you are doing a legitimate work or not, be mindful of what you post online. Many people have lost their jobs etc due to what they post online. If Hushpuppy knew that posting online would lead him to the road to prison, he might have done otherwise. 

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