Ruto To Hold A Meeting Today


Deputy president William Samoei Ruto is set to hold a meeting today with the mount Kenya region Political leaders .

He made this step just a day after Raila Odinga had held a meeting with the same leaders.

This is meant to facilitate the BBI process as it is in continuity now.

Parliamentary meetings are now in continuation so that to help the Independemt Elrctoral and Boundaries Comission prepare for the passing of the referendum.

Deputy president will be running for the presidential seat come the next elections in 2022.

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta has in the past avoided his deputy.This has been seen as his duties were delegated to someone else.

He has also been sidelined in the government activists.This brought alot of curiosity to the kenyans.

Uhuru Kenyatta has not shown any signs of endorsing someone in the forthcoming general elections.

The agenda of the meeting is yet to be known.Feel free to comment below