Not For Sensitive Viewers : This Is What Happened Yesterday Afternoon In Eldorado Park

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The missing 6-year-old, Khayalethu Magadla has been discovered close to Eldorado Park Cemetery. The body was retrieved by the Rescue & Recovery team at 12:23. Many departments were involved in the search of the young boy who fell into the manhole, the group tirelessly kept searching for the young boy. The little boy fell into an open sewer manhole while playing with his peers at a park in Dlamini, Soweto. The family has been curious for 20 good days since the search began and had been waiting for an outcome.

The Urban Search and Rescue teams have covered atleast 20km from Dlamini to Eldorado Park. They have been trying so hard to help the family find the little boy so that they can find closure. It is very sad that indeed the young boy fell into the sewer but fortunately the body has been recovered and the family will be able to continue with funeral preparations and give the boy a dignified funeral. This has been the most hardest time for everyone who was involved in the search of the little boy and now even many South African citizens are relieved that the family has been helped to recover the body.

Parents are urged to ensure that they do not find themselves in such a tragic incident hence they must not let their children play near manholes. This issue goes back to the government because if the hole was covered the little boy was never going to fall inside. This corruption must come to an end and money must be spent wisely in order to avoid unnecessary loss of lives as it affects the families of the victims big time. The government must ensure that there is proper infrastructure in the country and each and every community is safe for children.

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