More Woes As Mombasa Gubernatorial Aspirant Mike Mbuvi Sonko Heads To Court Again

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The wiper gubernatorial Aspirant Mike Sonko is back again in the corridors of court as he battled to free himself from the jaws of law. The former Nairobi governor has been sued over the Ksh. 448k child support. According to the woman, the money will cover several expenses such as shopping, rent, entertainment, security, clothing among others.

In addition, she claimed that Sonko gave her money last back in 2018 which was Ksh. 100,000 but used it to offset the minors school fees. The minor, who was born in 2007, says she has been undergoing a lot of depression because of her surname and that has forced her to look for a transfer.

The mother who claimed to have on and off romantic relationship since 1999 with the Sonko wants the court to compel him pay the outstanding ksh.37,000 fee balance so that the minor can go back to school. At the same time, the mother of Form Two daughter wants Mike Sonko to be paying the child's school fees amounting to ksh. 86,000 as well as Ksh. 30450 for security purposes as they wait for the outcome of the suit.

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