Chairman Wontumi Excavators Not Burnt Still Doing Galamsey, Why The Discrimination;Twene Jonas Asks


If Twene Jonas dies for today, the same people that hate him will come out and say good things about him. Now he is alive see what some Ghanaians are doing to him. Even if he dies today, there will be thousands of Twene Jonas who will arise again. Only bias people will fear to support the truth. So no wise person in Ghana here has seen or heard the truth Jonas speaks but only the insults?

Twene Jonas the vociferous vibrant young man who has been bashing the country's leaders for their inefficiency has once again lambasted those at the helm of affairs and chiefs of the land. He fired back at people who are calling him to render an apology to leaders especially the chiefs.

The Ghanaian US-based social media commentator has been criticizing leaders in Ghana for failing to address the challenges in the country. Twene has bemoaned their inability to fight illegal mining in the country and his mentioned names.

He said "Excavators are burnt but one popular politician known as chairman wontumi excavators are still being used for the galamsey and they not burnt. Why the discrimination? In any case, burning of the excavators is not right. Use those heavy equipment to fix the roads deteriorating."

The concerned youth opined that if you keep misbehaving I will keep mentioning your names. Asantehene is not happy with you the chiefs selling our lands to more than 8 people. Use Microsoft excel to program how you sell your lands so that you don't make mistakes. We are the future generation and if you misconduct yourself I will tell you that you are a 'fool'.

You can watch the full video here.