the Price of Honda 125 Both with Kick and Electric Starters


The bodaboda sector is one of most used and the most busy form of transport in Kenya.this sector has not only employed most young and upcoming entrepreneurs but it has made such transport of goods and people easier.but just some few days ago the government did give a proposal of increasing and introducing some new taxes.

This has lead to the skyrocketing of this bikes and they have new prices depending on brand as well as the size and the type of bikes you in a way wish to own.Honda is one of the top in producing and distributing AceCb 125 both red and white goes for 124,400 Ksh that is for the ones with kick starters.the ones with electric starters cost Ksh 130,900 and it can vary that is the price from different and a particular distributers countrywide.

This is just the beginning of some future crisis in the sector.we urge the government to do a small favour on this sector and wave the will go along way in helping the youth in our society today.what do you think is this fair and what do you think is the possible solution to this.please share your valuable comments in the comments section below.


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