Oheneyire Gifty Anti: "I don't Need any Make-up Artist Again; Gifty Anti tells followers,


Oheneyire Gifty Anti: "I don't Need any Make up Artist Again" Oheneyire Gifty Anti tell Followers, Find the details 

Wearing a makeup has become quite essential for even the average Ghanaian woman.

In today's contemporary world, making up plays an integral part of a total grooming package. 

That's, one's grooming cannot be complete, without a makeup.

It is currently one of the lucrative vocations here in Ghana.

Today, it is not surprising to meet a nurse, a teacher or a banker who doubles as a Makeup Artist due to how profitable it has become. 

Additionally, there is a huge demand for Makeup Artist right here in Ghana.

Gone are the days when our culture, tradition and certain belief system, frowned on make up.

 But in our current trendy society where making impressions really counts, especially when it comes to a person's physical appearance, it is absolutely important to add a little touch of makeup to your grooming in order to enhance your looks. 

Interestingly, Making up in our world today, is no longer an individual affair. Many corporate organizations, institutions and companies such as Banks, Media Houses, the Hospitality Industry employs Makeup Artist to provide grooming services for their workers, especially those who deal directly with the public such as Public Relations Officers, Marketing Officers, Broadcasters etc. 

Note that though it is a female dominated vocation, men who venture into it also excel. 

Now, let's get to know why Oheneyire Gifty Anti is contemplating on sacking all her makeup artist. 

Oheneyire Gifty Anti, per her work as a former Journalist and now a host of her own TV show, would definitely need the services of a Makeup Artist. 

But now she doesn't, and No! Oheneyire Gifty, hasn't turned an Anti-make Campaigner. 

Interestingly, however Oheneyire Gifty is recently seen in a video with her daughter putting makeup on her mother's face. 

Kids of today's world will not seize to amaze mothers. 

Gifty Anti's daughter, NyameAnuonyam or HRH as she often calls her surprisingly had this serious face and kind of looked focused as she applied the makeup on her mother. Can you imagine? 

Her display of attitude whilst she put the makeup on her mother just tells one thing, 'I need to get the details right for a perfect finish' just like how a trained Make-up Artist would do. 

And her comment after doing the makeup, soo interesting she said "Done..... All done" she said it whiles looking at her mum's face to see how it turned out. Eeeii! And to think that this is a kid who is yet to be four years.

So why won't Gifty sack all her Makeup Artist since her daughter can do it so well for her even with passion. 

Well I think Oheneyire should consider enrolling her daughter for an official Makeup tutorials when she enters her teenage. 

After all, there are young talented kids like Nerissa of Tv3 Talented kids fame who pursuing their dreams in this field. 

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