Global terrorism index for 2020 is out, see Nigeria's position

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Earlier this morning, The Television Continental (TVC) released the global terrorism index among the countries of the world for the year 2020.

Out of the top 10 countries of the world in which are seriously battling with terrorism or Islamic state, Afghanistan ranked first on the list, Iraq ranked second on the list, while Nigeria ranked third on the list, Syria ranked fourth on the list, Pakistan ranked fifth on the list, Somalia ranked sixth on the list, India ranked seventh on the list, Yemen ranked eighth on the list, the Philippines ranked ninth on the list and Dr Congo ranked 10th on the list.

In the index that was given, one can really see that the only two continent out of the seven continents in the whole world that is been affected by terrorist are Africa and Asia.

According to the global terrorism index for the year 2019 and comparing it with the year 2020s index, one can see that nothing really changed in the rankings, the same Afghanistan that topped the index last year is it the same country that is topping it this year why Nigeria maintained its third position.

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