How to prepare simple Crispy Plantain Chips


These plantain chips are ultra-crispy, tasty and so addictive.

Plantain chips: Healthy plantain recipes

Plantain chips: Healthy plantain recipes

These easy tips work all the time so save your money and leave the store-bought plantain chips.


3 green plantains (unripe and firm to the touch)

½ teaspoon salt

Oil for frying


Peel the plantains. Remove the two hints of a plantain then, at that point cut a line across the edges of a plantain then, at that point lift the skin from the cut piece and eliminate the whole skin with your hands. 

Cut the plantains into chips. In a little bowl, blend a quarter cup of water and salt. Put away. 

Spot oil in a profound container up to 4 inches high. Warmth the oil on high for around 10 minutes (the oil ought to be 350 degrees Fahrenheit hot). Turn down the warmth to medium then, at that point add two tablespoons of saltwater. Add the plantains consistently. 

Tenderly mix the plantains and let them fry in the oil while you mix every now and then for around 5 minutes. From that point forward, eliminate the chips and spot them on a paper towel to ingest overabundance oil. 

When the chips are cold, appreciate!


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