Date Rush: Check Out The Reaction Of Ghanaians As Grandpa And Susana Of Date Rush Break Up.


In an interview with Zionfelix, Grandpa and Susana, former date rush " contestants", disclosed that they have broken up. It can be recalled that Grandpa and Susan made a date after their appearance on date rush. During that time, the intention of both of them was known best to themselves. However, Grandpa disclosed that he joined the reality show on TV3, date rush, in order to become popular. On the contrary, Susana claimed she came to search for love.

After sometime, they have realized that they were not made for each other. That is, they are incompatible. This is a normal feature of all couple or partners as it is literally impossible for a couple to agree on everything.

During the interview, Grandpa disclosed that due to the high level of disrespect and disobedience of Susana, he had no choice than to block her from communicating with him on WhatsApp.

In reacting to this action, Susan also blocked him not only on WhatsApp, but also blocked him from calling her. She additionally deleted his number.