5 Smart Home Gadget That You'll Love


Nowadays, if you want your house to become the house of all homes, there's only one thing you need to do that's to digitalize your home. It could be a simple smart remote to control multiple devices simultaneously with a single tap up to 80 devices.

Here are 5 smart home gadgets to do you the magic and you'll love it.

THE ULTIMATE BED: Multifunctional bed is the ultimate enclosure system that comes with everything you need in a room, ALL IN ONE.  The modern leather bed is a dream for minimalist homes. Soft and luxurious genuine leather platform beds featuring left or right hand facing side storage with LED lighting and 5 level adjustable headrest. Add a matching nightstand that has a single pull drawer and other additional options.

DREAMFARM GRIPET: Dream farm Gripet - Quick Grip Note Holder with Magnetic and Wall Mounts quick grip and release system allows you to insert and remove up to 3mm of notes swiftly and easily. Gripet secures your notes with friction and gravity instead of glue, pins, tape, clips or magnets. Keeps your notes, bills, memos, invitations, photos and other printed goods together and organised. Great for fridge doors, filing cabinets, offices, in the home or anywhere you need a place to keep your notes.

CLOCKY: The only bedside alarm clock on wheels, the best wake up call ever. Clocky, the runaway alarm clock is the best rolling, jumping, moving alarm you never knew you needed. It is cool, fun, annoying, unique, a bit crazy and guaranteed to get you up on time. Clocky is super loud and the best alarm clock for the deep sleeper.

SMART REMOTE X: Control TVs, lights and stereos with this smart remote. The intuitive touch screen offers simplicity, and the Smart Remote companion app allows the user to customize the remote's interface for different devices. This smart remote lets you connect electronics and services via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared and smart hubs for a simple installation. Control multiple devices simultaneously with a single tap up to 80 devices total or 20 infrared devices in all.

EYEVAC: Fast and powerful vacuum removes 100% of dust, hair and debris instantly. Perfect for pet owners and parents the EyeVac can suck up all pet food, pet hair, kitty litter, dirt, and more. Equipped with 2 high efficiency filters, the EyeVac removes dust, dirt and debris from your home and returns clean air to the environment tha connect infrared sensors detect the sweeping motion and automatically activate the EyeVac, making cleaning easy.

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