Leaked Chart: Man Asked His Son To Pack His Belongings From School Instead Of Paying Exams Fees


There is a chart which is making waves all over the social media platforms, a man asked his son to pack all his belongings from school to the house.

Without much time let's take a look at the char in the picture below .According to the chart, the man was sad for seeing his child that he has been paying school fees in the boarding house to write such a message for him.

It was noted in the chart that, the young guy was about to write an examination which he wanted money from his father to pay the exams fees, unfortunately the chart the he gave to his father was poor so his father refused.

His father insisted him to pack all his things from school and come home and become a native doctor because he won't pass the examination which he wanted money for.

The conclusion of the chart was very funny which everyone was laughing by using stickers to indicate how funny the chart was.

The man was even laughing at the end of their child by indicate with a laughing emoji.

The chart was very interesting and it made my day hope it made your day too.

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