Is Kenyan Music Unpopular? (Opinion)


Kenyan Music has evolved from the likes of kapuka to hip hop to genge to gengetone and despite the fact that majority of Kenyan Artists continously release high definition videos and music the views accompanying the music videos is nothing compared to our Tanzanian counterparts

This begs the question, why is Kenyan Music so unpopular amongst Kenyans. The most common causes are:

The shift in genres and the vulgar language that was accompanied by vulgar lyrics might have been a turn off for most fans who found refuge in bongo flava

The inconsistencies in genres where an artist (no names mentioned) could switch from gospel to secular then back to gospel and now maybe secular gospel made fans get lost along the way

The unnecessary scuffles and beefs seem to take too much time prompting most Kenyans to either work alone or collaborate with their Tanzanian counterparts to popularize their music

Is it time for a paradigm shift in perception of Kenyan Music for it's salvation (what do you think, feel free to comment)