Muthuma: Raila Needs A Very Good Strategy Since People Who Were Born 2003-2004 Don't Know Him


ODM Party leader Raila Odinga speaking in a past political rally.

Political analyst Gabriel Muthuma has claimed that Kenyans who were born in 2003-2004, who are currently receiving for the National Identification cards to be eligible to vote in the next year's general elections, do not know well who Raila Odinga alias Baba is in Kenya's history.

Speaking on an interview with KTN news television, Muthuma argued that the ODM party leader Raila Odinga might require a very good strategy to be able to defeat Deputy President Dr William Ruto for presidency.

This is because the former Prime Minister, is having a rich history in the country especially in the past years of 80s and 90s when these group of people were not yet born.

They don't really know who Raila is, instead they only know more about Jubilee since it is the government which they found in power. They understand more about Jubilee than former regimes when Raila was greatly fighting for the country's democracy.