"Sudi Never Attended My School As It Is Said" Highway School Teacher Reiterates

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Kapsaret member of parliament honourable Oscar Sudi has found himself in agony as the Highway secondary school teacher claims that there is no any information showing that he (Sudi) did his KCSE in his school. This is after the reports indicated that the Kapsaret constituency leader did his Kenya certificate of secondary education examinations in Highway secondary School.

Mr Patrick Maritim, the former principal of Highway secondary school has therefore given out shocking news to the public as many Kenyans believe that the Kapsaret member of parliament is an elite. Most Kenyans have reacted differently in social media as they condemn Oscar Sudi for his certificate forgery.

It is not the first time a question on Sudi's education background emerge. So many people all over Kenya have been interested to know and understand the mentioned MP's academic journey as more doubts and rumours have been hitting the walls that he (Sudi) never attended any high school.

Hello Kenyans do you think honourable Oscar Sudi never attended any high school?. Kindly let us know your opinions as the whole truth is yet to be revealed on the lime light.

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