Hearts of Oak NCC Chairman discern on Kotoko for discrediting their effort at the first position


Football is changing but the fanatics are still remaining where they are without putting anything into consideration. The football communities should understand that, players are meant to be protected and this is not starting with the Phobians alone but even in Europe. The high profile player's are all given preferential treatment ahead of the other teams.

The National Chapters Committee Chairman rose from their slumber to jab the fans of Kotoko for telling Hearts of Oak they don't belong to where they are now. But, looking at the best of quality players. Kotoko is made up of big names that are yet to revive again but not now in this season.

It is forever obvious that, every moment of Hearts of Oak movement is criticised with hatred and jealousy. With the kind of performance in most teams now, it is very appalling to hate the Phobians because none of the infringement going the way of Kotoko has been complained about.

The supporters of Hearts are well focused not to switch their attention to the other competitors. But to keep supporting the team till the trophy lands in their hands safely like the golden stool. Otherwise, they will never lose focus on what they want to achieve as a team with a purpose this season or never. With the look of things, this is one of the closest season to come close to the league with better investing strategy.

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