Boil Male Pawpaw Root and Garlic For 15 Minutes, Drink To Kill These Diseases


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Do you know that the male pawpaw root can do wonders?

It is not a surprise why most people around the world don’t see the powerful role that pawpaw plays in our daily lives.

For a millennium, pawpaw has been used as a fuel to drive the body. Its medicinal effects are very much studied and documented. It is among the few plants in which parts (all parts) are edible and medicinal.

In today’s article, I will show you how the male pawpaw root can be used to your maximum advantages. It is worth noting that, this particular fruit is loaded with nutrients including fibre, vitamins, and other crucial minerals.  

It also possesses powerful anti-oxidants, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. Before we talk about the benefits of the male pawpaw root, let us have a look at how to prepare medicinal tea.

Making Male Pawpaw root tea.


# Male pawpaw root

# Garlic

According to Steemit, making this particular tea is very simple. Just make sure you have a handful of the roots (dried and reduced into smaller pieces).

Pour the chopped roots into a bowl and boil until the water used reduced to half the initial level. Then add the garlic and make sure it cooks well. (The preparation process usually takes 20 minutes).

When finished, strain the water and serve it warm. That’s all – you are good to go.

The Benefits

1. Lowers the risk of kidney problems

This particular tea helps to control the rate of kidney diseases especially kidney stones. This powerful benefit is linked to the anti-urolithiasis activity of the roots.

Prevents the formation of those hard substances in our kidney which is vital for our survival.

2. Toothache

Another great benefit of the root of pawpaw is how it treats problems of the gum. Taking this tea at least twice a week is known to reduce your risk of gum infection including toothache.

3. Wound healing

Collagen production is very vital if your body wants to heal fast. However, this particular remedy has been reported to stimulate the production of collagen which then help fasten the healing process says The Chronicle.

There are many other benefits linked to this particular remedy including regulating digestion problems, reducing the risk of dyspepsia, hyperglycemia and many others.

Caution: It is recommended to talk to your doctor about this remedy before jumping to it to be on the safe side.

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