2 Heavenly Questions Scientists Can't Answer After Trying To Visit The Sun

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The sun is full of burning gases. It has got a temperature of 10,000 Fahrenheit( 5,6000 degrees Celsius). This means anything that lands on it will meltdown.

However, humans have succeeded in landing on the moon and other planets. They still look curious to explore the sun to better understand its powerful emission of heat and how it happens.

But they got 2 major puzzling questions from the sun that they couldn't answer. Because they noticed something contradicts the laws of physics.

The creator of the universe has said his ways and thoughts are higher than that of humans. This means we must exalt him above everything. There is nothing mysterious to him.

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:9).

Here Are The Two Puzzling Questions

The Corona

They found out that if you place a thermometer on the surface of the sun; it will read 60000 degrees Celsius. Physics asserts that the more they move away from the sun, the heat has to reduce. Instead of this, the temperature increases hundreds of times than the surface of the sun. And there is nothing to explain this. 

For more than 60 years Scientists haven't found solid reasons to understand this very condition of the sun. Science can't simply explain this.

Maybe they have to asked God through some of the genuine prophets in our modern times. May be a revelation will come.

 2. The Solar Wind Acceleration 

Here on earth scientists can tell us the direction of the wind and give out the weather forecast to help us know something about our daily weather changes.

In outer space, it is a different story. They have been able to detect that, the sun emits great heats of high velocity that all the planets can feel. They found no organized way the sun uses to emits that solar wind.

This incidence is still a mystery. Scientists sent a machine to the sun to help them find answers. The machine is called Solar Probe+ which will finish its mission in 2025.

So we live to see if they will find answers to these two great heavenly questions.

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