Foreigners in Cape Town Shut Down Businesses and Disappear as Operation Dudula Protest.

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It would appear that the Operation Dudula movement is gaining momentum on a daily basis. This is made abundantly clear by the manner in which the organization keeps expanding its reach and acquiring new supporters on a daily basis.

Even though some of the marches turned violent in some locations, the organization that was founded by Nhlanhla Lux to address the dire need of South Africans who were deprived by immigrants has staged so many protests in different locations across the nation. These protests have taken place despite the fact that some of the marches have turned violent in some locations.

The organization has shown no sign of wavering in its determination to pursue its campaign for priority in South Africa.

A stroll around the principal streets of Cape Town this morning would have been enough to tell anybody that there is a palpable sense of dread among the community of legal and illegal immigrants residing in the city.

Today, the Operation Dudula movement began a demonstration in Capetown, and one noticeable thing that is occurring in the city is the fact that foreign nationals have disappeared and closed their companies out of concern that they would be harmed by the organization.

The demonstrators could be heard singing songs and sprinting across different streets in an effort to communicate their unhappiness with the unrestrained flood of foreigners into our land.

The video footage that is currently making the rounds online shows people of all ages walking together.

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