Mistrust in ODM Over Matungu By-Election as Leaders Allege Vote Rigging Plan


Mistrust has raided the ODM Party ahead of the Scheduled Matungu By-election Exercise on Thursday. This is after grassroots Party Leaders have now come out to uncover a well-coordinated plan by the Amani National Congress Party Leadership, to Manipulate the Outcomes.

Addressing Kenyans on Wednesday morning through KTN News, the ODM Party Leadership has revealed that the ANC Party Leaders have colluded with the IEBC to strictly identify their supporters (ODM) and issue them with more than two ballots papers.

How will the IEBC identify ANC Party Supporters? Details emerging from ODM Party alleges that ANC Party Supporters will use or wear attires that will be easily be recognized such as face masks.

On a more warning note, the ODM Party Leadeship has now made it's stand known to Kenyans after threatening to reject the outcomes outcomes of the Mini Poll.

"Tunataka Kusema ya kwamba, Mudavadi ni Ndugu yetu lakini hatutakubali akoseshe wakenya njia. Kuna jamaa ya kuhonga wapiganji Kura siku ya Kesho. Mashambiki wa ANC watapewa ballot papers kila mtu mbili mbili," One of the ODM Grassroot leader in Matungu has reported.

The Matungu By-Election vote-rigging claims from ODM Party Leadeship comes hours after the UDA Party Supporters led by Susan Kihika also accused the Government of planning to rig the election in the favour of the ODM Party, by frustrating the UDA Party Supporters through the use of Police officers.

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