Few days ago I died and went to heaven and how I wish I never returned, lady posted

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So few days ago I died and went to heaven and I found myself standing before the one who is standing on the Right hand of God, JESUS CHRIST. He opened the book and he told me 7 things that my enemies are saying about me. One of those is that, I'm mute, meaning I don’t talk and think. The reason they said this is that I no longer talk or try to fight back.

I just stay mute and ask the Lord to intervene for me. The people around me having been doing a lot of things to me that’s annoys me to the core. I don’t answer them Like steals and spoil my things, laugh at me, insults , etc. Satan has really been using them to provoke me so that I can react and sin but to no avail. After that I was now waiting for that Garment of eternal life, but in a moment I found myself in this world again I woke up!

How I wish I went and never returned here. How I pray my own rapture will be by death but For His Reason I have to come here again. JESUS BLOW THE TRUMPET IM TIRED OF FIGHTING LUCIFER.


This lady is talking nonsense, I'm sorry to say that because she is also a child of God, but I don't understand where the story is coming from and where her story is going. This is one of the dumbest stories about people who have gone to heaven and come back that I have ever heard. I thought maybe she has come back to warn the people about the reality of heaven and hell. I thought maybe she has come back to tell people about the message of repentance. I thought she has things that Jesus have said to her, that will help the world, that will help the people to seek God better.

I didn't I didn't see any reason why her testimony should be shared on a public space. It does not touch anyone who is lost, it does not encourage anyone who is in the Lord. It is just a lousy testimony, you must know that whatever God does, he make sure that it is adding value to His kingdom. It is for the glory of His name. It's either He want to win a soul or He want to encourage you, but on what she is saying, I don't see any encouragement. I don't see any, you can see it is just a story that do not make sense. Children of God must not do this, they make the world to laugh at the church.

Thank you

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