NYIF Update: Simple Steps On How To Update Your Account Details

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To eradicate the intensity of recession and economy instability, the Nigerian Federal Government led by His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari, have employed strategic measures to curb the high rate of poverty and unemployment in the country. Therefore, today I would like to share some simple steps on how successful NYIF applicants can go about updating their account details in the NYIF official website without stress.

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund(NYIF) was also one of the strategies of the Federal Government to remedy the intense effect that might arise from economy instability.

This programme featured training and disbursement of funds to successful and shortlisted applicants. The training covers business ideation, financial management and other essential aspect of business. It is expected that all Successful beneficiaries employ the acquired finance to build a business and strive.

The NYIF have already finished their first batch training and disbursement on March-April and are yet to shortlisted another batch of Applicants.

An update from the official website of NYIF shows that the programme for other Successful applicants will be rolling out soon as update of account number details button is provided on the website.

Below are the Steps To update your account Details in the NYIF Website

1. Visit the NYIF official portal https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng

2. Click on the 'dashboard' and select the account update icon

3. On the icon, select "account update" and provide your bank details

4. Then click on "Summit."

After following the above steps, you are expected to exercise patience as the disbursement will set to begin in due time.

On this note, any applicant who have not upgrade his/her bank account to occupy up to 200,000 naira are thereby advice to seize this opportunity and adhere to the update of bank account as training and disbursement is set to resume soon.

Please follow up this page to stay updated on the next NYIF updates! Thank you!!

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